The Chester County Automaton(s) – Book


Clearly, the end times are at hand when The First Uniform Church of Perpetual Joy and Humility discovers a local Scientist is creating an Automaton, a mechanical man. Meanwhile, the young son of the minister finds himself abandoning all reason and pursing a one-sided relationship with Mary, a severely brain damaged hospital patient incapable of communication. Complicating matters her father, the puritanical Captain Swing, has decried the whole church as sinners without the devotion to truly look into the eyes of Satan. With the power of prayer, paranoia, and a pancake breakfast, there is little doubt that this demonic scientist will soon be launched back into his dark-hold in the hoary netherworld. Of course, all of this assumes that Doctor Metternich actually is the Anti-Christ.

Play. Two Acts. 5M 5F. 90 minutes. Comedy.


220 pages. 6×9. Play. Two Acts. 5M 5F. 90 minutes. Comedy.

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