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Set in a small hobo “jungle”, or camp, Eastbound Jungle follows a small group of hobos who have chosen a life of travel, freedom, and short term migrant work in opposition to the humdrum existence of “civilian” social obligations. This small society is forever fractured with the accidental death of one of their own. Guilt, anger, and paranoia run rampant as they deal with the repercussions from this tragedy. As their patriarchal leader seeks to preserve the peace and camaraderie of the community a manipulative parasite plays on the emotions of a traumatized man using his fear to get what she wants. As a battle of will rages for his sanity, dark revelations lead to a tragic climax. Eastbound jungle explores themes of freedom, guilt, and justice in a world set just on the outskirts of our own.

3M 1F. 1hr 15min. One location. Drama.


Download includes .Mobi, .EPUB, and .PDF files

Play. 3M 1F. 1hr 15min. One location. Drama.


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